persistent process supervision


The distribution includes the following manual pages:

perp_intro(8) overview of persistent process supervision
perp-setup(8) initialize a perp installation
perpd(8) persistent process directory scanner
perpboot(8) perpd(8) startup utility
perpetrate(5) conventions for service definitions
perphup(8) trigger perpd(8) rescan
perpctl(8) perpetrate service control utility
perpls(8) perpetrate service lister
perpok(8) perpetrate service checker
perpstat(8) perpetrate service status

The distribution also includes the following logging utilities for use in rc.log runscripts:

tinylog(8) log stdin to set of rotated logfiles
sissylog(8) log stdin to syslog(3)

The distribution also includes runtools, a set of utilities for configuring and constraining the runtime environment:

runtools_intro(8) overview of runtools
runargv0(8) run a program with an argv[0] alias
runargs(8) run a program with arguments specified in an argfile
runchoom(8) run a program with linux "oom killer" abatement
rundetach(8) run a program in the background
rundeux(8) run a program under supervision with optional logger
runenv(8) run a program with an environment specified in a file or directory
runfile(8) run a program with a complete argv[] specified in a file
runlimit(8) run a program with resource limits
runlock(8) run a program with a lockfile
runpause(8) run a program after a delay or signal
runsession(8) run a program in a new session and process group
runtool(8) multipurpose runtool
runtrap(8) run a program with a signal trapper
runuid(8) run a program with specific user/group permissions