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runfile(8)                         runtools                         runfile(8)

       runfile - run a program as specified in an argvfile

       runfile [-hV] argvfile [ args ...  ]

       runfile  runs a program according to the arguments taken from argvfile.

       An argvfile is a plain text file with  one  or  more  non-empty  lines.
       Each  line read is taken as an individual element of an argument vector
       for a program.  The first element of this argument vector  is  required
       and  should  name the executable that runfile will run.  Any additional
       args given on the command line will be appended to the arguments  taken
       from argvfile.

       runfile  trims  any  leading  and/or trailing whitespace from each line
       read from argvfile.  Empty lines and lines beginning with the `#' char-
       acter are ignored.

       If  argvfile  is  given  as a `-' character, the argvfile specification
       will be read from stdin.

       The first element read from the argvfile will  be  taken  as  the  exe-
       cutable that runfile will run (that is, argv[0]).  If this element does
       not contain a ``/'' slash character, runfile will perform a  shell-like
       search  for the executable using the PATH variable in the current envi-

       -h     Help.  Print a brief usage message to stderr and exit.

       -V     Version.  Print the version number to stderr and exit.

       runfile exits with one of the following values:

       0      The program given in argvfile was invoked and completed success-
              fully.   In this case, the exit code is returned by the program,
              rather than by runfile itself.

       100    runfile failed because of a usage error, such as an invalid com-
              mand-line  option  or  argument.  In this case, runfile prints a
              brief error message and usage help to stderr on exit.

       111    runfile failed due to some system or resource  error.   In  this
              case,  runfile  prints  a  brief diagnostic message to stderr on

       1-127  The program given in argvfile was invoked and  failed  with  its
              own non-zero exit status.

       In  most  cases,  the arguments specified in argvfile will not normally
       want to follow the shell-protecting quoting conventions as might other-
       wise be used when running a program in a shell environment.

       Wayne Marshall,

       runtools_intro(8),  runargs(8), runargv0(8), runchoom(8), rundetach(8),
       rundeux(8),   runenv(8),    runlimit(8),    runlock(8),    runpause(8),
       runsession(8), runtool(8), runtrap(8), runuid(8)

runtools-2.07                    January 2013                       runfile(8)