persistent process supervision
rundetach(8)                       runtools                       rundetach(8)

       rundetach - run a program in the background

       rundetach [-hV] program [ args ...  ]

       rundetach  forks  a  child process into the background, detached from a
       controlling terminal, in its own session and process  group.   It  then
       runs program with any additional arguments given in args.

       If  program  does  not  contain a ``/'' slash character, rundetach will
       perform a shell-like search for the executable using the PATH  variable
       in the current environment.

       -h     Help.  Print a brief usage message to stderr and exit.

       -V     Version.  Print the version number to stderr and exit.

       rundetach exits with one of the following values:

       0      program  was  invoked and completed successfully.  In this case,
              the exit code is returned by the program, rather than by  runde-
              tach itself.

       100    rundetach  failed  because  of a usage error, such as an invalid
              command-line option or argument.  In this case, rundetach prints
              a brief error message and usage help to stderr on exit.

       111    rundetach  failed due to some system or resource error.  In this
              case, rundetach prints a brief diagnostic message to  stderr  on

       1-127  program  was  invoked and failed with its own non-zero exit sta-

       Wayne Marshall,

       runtools_intro(8), runargs(8),  runargv0(8),  runchoom(8),  rundeux(8),
       runenv(8),    runfile(8),    runlimit(8),    runlock(8),   runpause(8),
       runsession(8), runtool(8), runtrap(8), runuid(8)

runtools-2.07                    January 2013                     rundetach(8)