persistent process supervision
perphup(8)              persistent process supervision              perphup(8)

       perphup - trigger a perpd(8) rescan

       perphup [-hV] [-q] [-t] [ basedir ]

       perphup  is used to trigger perpd(8) to rescan its service installation
       directory.  perphup may also be used to trigger the controlled shutdown
       of perpd(8) and all of its services.

       perphup looks for an instance of perpd(8) running on the argument given
       by basedir.  Otherwise, perphup looks for a value in the  environmental
       variable PERP_BASE.  If neither of these are defined or are empty, per-
       phup uses a compiled-in default, normally /etc/perp.

       When perphup finds the perpd(8) process, it sends it a SIGHUP signal.

       -h     Help.  Print a brief usage message to stderr and exit.

       -q     Quiet.  Normally after successfully  finding  and  triggering  a
              perpd(8) process, perphup prints a brief message to stderr.  The
              -q option may be used to suppress this message.

       -t     Term.  Normally perphup sends a SIGHUP signal  to  the  perpd(8)
              process  to  trigger  a rescan.  The -t option is used to send a
              SIGTERM instead, and triggers the perpd(8) shutdown sequence.

       -V     Version.  Print the version number to stderr and exit.

       perphup exits with the following values:

       0      Success.  An active perpd(8) process was found and triggered.

       100    Usage error.  For unknown options or other command-line  errors.
              Prints a brief diagnostic message to stderr on exit.

       111    System  error.   Unexpected failures during system calls, privi-
              lege and/or resource problems, or configuration problems in  the
              perpd(8) directory.  Prints a brief diagnostic message to stderr
              on exit.

       Wayne Marshall,

       perp_intro(8),  perpboot(8),   perpctl(8),   perpd(8),   perpetrate(5),
       perpls(8), perpok(8), perpstat(8), sissylog(8), tinylog(8)

perp-2.07                        January 2013                       perphup(8)