persistent process supervision


Images of perp at work, in glorious full-color ascii terminal!

First, a small collection of perpetrate(5) services listed with perpls(8):

perpls(8) in action

Here the user first gained administrator privilege with su(1), and then explicitly defined PERP_BASE in the environment. The listing shows all service definitions found in /etc/perp are active and running, each with an associated logging service. (For more convenience, the perp administrator will normally configure the shell to initialize PERP_BASE automatically.)

Next, the administrator puts the "hellod" service down with perpctl(8). This time perpls(8) is run with the "-G" option to give colorised output:


The panel shown for the "hellod" service now reflects its new state, as well as the revised pid and uptime stats for its main service. The colorisation display reinforces the visual cue that the service is down.