persistent process supervision


Welcome to perp, aka "the perpetrator": a persistent process supervisor and service managment framework for un!x.

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The perp package provides a set of daemons and utilities to reliably start, monitor, log, and control a collection of persistent processes.

A "persistent process" is any program intended to be long-running, highly available, and purpose critical. Also known and often described as a "service", a persistent process normally provides some essential, on-demand system service. Programs that serve email, domain name queries, and http requests are all examples of services that are normally run as persistent processes.

These are the programs that you want to start at system boot, and to continue running for as long as the system itself. These are the programs you need running in uninterrupted service, day and night, forever and ever.

perp helps make sure that they do.


perp provides the following benefits:

perp is similar in purpose to the venerable daemontools program last released in 2001, but provides a modern update with many advantages:

Meanwhile, perp continues to share many of the positive attributes of daemontools:

And the author is even friendly!