constant database multitool
ezcdb(1)                             ezcdb                            ezcdb(1)

       ezcdb - constant database (cdb) multitool

       ezcdb [-hV] command opts args

       ezcdb cross [-h] [-p perms ] [-t tmpfile ] result.cdb A.cdb B.cdb
       ezcdb dump [-h] [-d del | -g | -x] [ cdb ]
       ezcdb dupes [-h] [-d del | -g | -x] [-q] [ cdb ]
       ezcdb get [-h] [-a | -j num ] [-n] key [ cdb ]
       ezcdb grep [-h] [-d del | -g | -x] [-i] [-k] [-!]  regex [ cdb ]
       ezcdb keys [-h] [-g | -x] [-X] [ cdb ]
       ezcdb make [-h] [-d del | -g | -x] [-p perms ] [-t tmpfile ] cdb
       ezcdb match [-h] [-d del | -g | -x] [-i] [-k] [-!]  pattern [ cdb ]
       ezcdb merge [-h] [-p perms ] [-t tmpfile ] [-a] result.cdb A.cdb B.cdb
       ezcdb purge [-h] [-p perms ] [-t tmpfile ] result.cdb A.cdb B.cdb
       ezcdb stats [-h] [-v] [ cdb ]

       ezcdb  is  used  to  generate,  query, analyze, and operate on constant
       database files in cdb(5) format.  The  following  operations  are  sup-

       ezcdb cross performs a set intersect operation with A.cdb and B.cdb and
       compiles the result in result.cdb.  The cross operation selects records
       in  A  with matching keys in B.  The record sequence in result.cdb pre-
       serves the original sequence among records in A.  Any/all of the  named
       argument files may ``overlap''.  Options:

       -p perms
              Permissions.   Set  the file creation permissions for result.cdb
              as explicitly given in the octal argument perms.  Otherwise, the
              result.cdb  file  permissions will be set to mode 0666 and modi-
              fied by the process umask.

       -t tmpfile
              Tempfile.  Use the path specified by the  argument  tmpfile  for
              the temporary file used during the creation of result.cdb.  Nor-
              mally the temporary file name is constructed from the result.cdb
              argument as result.cdb.{new}.

       ezcdb  dump lists to stdout all records found in the given cdb file (or
       seekable input on stdin).  Output format is under  control  of  options
       and described in the FORMATS section.  Options:

       -d del Delimiter.   Output  records  in  ``getline''  format, using the
              first character in the argument del as separator between the key
              and value parts of the record.  Implies -g.

       -g     Getline.  Output records in ``getline'' format.

       -x     Exchange.  Output records in ``exchange'' format.

       ezcdb  dupes  lists  to stdout all records with duplicate keys found in
       the given cdb file (or seekable input on  stdin),  and  prints  summary
       report  to  s