constant database multitool


This is ezcdb, a constant database multitool.

The ezcdb package provides a single, multipurpose utility used to
generate, query, analyze, and operate on constant database files
in the cdb file format.


A "constant database" is a collection of records whose values are
generally persistent, or "constant".  Meaning they don't change

The cdb file format is a hash-on-disk data store for constant data,
originally designed by Daniel J. Bernstein.  It provides for
efficient datafile creation and fast keyed retrieval.


ezcdb provides a single, efficient, and easy to use utility for
working with cdb files.  It is fully compatible with the original
implementation, builds cdb files with 25% less memory overhead,
and provides a complete set of database functions at the command
line, including basic set operations.

-Yeah, well, big whoopiteedoodah.


Package Layout:

  ./INSTALL     how to install
  ./LICENSE     copyright/license info
  ./README      this here file here
  ./     build/install configuration file
  ./lasagna/*   libasagna utility library sources
  ./man/*       manual pages
  .*.[ch]       build sources


This package is intended to build, install and run on any contemporary
un!x platform without additional requirements.  It has been tested on the
following platforms:

  Linux 2.6+, i686, gcc + gnu libc
  Linux 2.6+, i686, gcc + dietlibc
  Linux 2.6+, x86_64, gcc + dietlibc
  NetBSD 5.0, i386


See INSTALL for complete installation instructions.  


The utility is documented in its own manual page, ezcdb.1,
located in the ./man subdirectory of the package.

More information:

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