hash database (hdb32) multitool
hdb(1)                                hdb                               hdb(1)

       hdb - hash database (hdb32) multitool

       hdb [-hV] command opts args

       hdb about [-h] [-acin] [ hdb ]
       hdb cross [-h] [-p perms ] [-t tmpfile ] result.hdb A.hdb B.hdb
       hdb dump [-h] [-d del | -g | -y] [ hdb ]
       hdb dupes [-h] [-d del | -g | -y] [-q] [ hdb ]
       hdb get [-h] [-a | -j num ] [-n] key [ hdb ]
       hdb grep [-h] [-d del | -g | -y] [-i] [-k] [-!]  regex [ hdb ]
       hdb keys [-h] [-g | -y] [-X] [ hdb ]
       hdb make [-h] [-d del | -g | -y] [-p perms ] [-t tmpfile ] hdb
       hdb match [-h] [-d del | -g | -y] [-i] [-k] [-!]  pattern [ hdb ]
       hdb merge [-h] [-p perms ] [-t tmpfile ] [-a] result.hdb A.hdb B.hdb
       hdb purge [-h] [-p perms ] [-t tmpfile ] result.hdb A.hdb B.hdb
       hdb stats [-h] [-v] [ hdb ]

       hdb  is  used to generate, query, analyze, and operate on hash database
       files in hdb(5) format.  The following operations are supported:

       hdb about reports selected metadata within hdb (or  seekable  input  on
       stdin) to stdout.  Each item reported begins on a new line, prefixed by
       the item-specific string described below.   Without  explicit  options,
       the  default report displays the number of records and database comment
       (as if options -cn selected).  Options:

       -a     All.   Display  all  of  the  metadata  (identifier,  number  of
              records, and comment).

       -c     Comment.  Display the internal comment.  The display is prefixed
              by the string ``comment: ''.  Note that the hdb(5) specification
              places  no  constraints on the length or contents of the comment

       -i     Identifier.  Display the hdb32 header  identifier  string.   The
              display is prefixed by the string ``identifier: ''.

       -n     Number.   Display  the  total  number of records in the dataset.
              The display is prefixed by the string ``records: ''.

       hdb cross performs a set intersect operation with A.hdb and  B.hdb  and
       compiles the result in result.hdb.  The cross operation selects records
       in A with matching keys in B.  The record sequence in  result.hdb  pre-
       serves  the original sequence among records in A.  Any/all of the named
       argument files may ``overlap''.  Options:

       -p perms
              Permissions.  Set the file creation permissions  for  result.hdb
              as explicitly given in the octal argument perms.  Otherwise, the
              result.hdb file permissions will be set to mode 0666  and  modi-
              fied by the process umask.

       -t tmpfile
              Tempfile.   Use  the  path specified by the argume